About Me

I am a network engineer with a growing interest in software development. I'm excited about diving into different technologies, working to combine my networking and system administration skills with programming and automation. When I'm not focused on work or learning, I cherish quality family time, or you'll find me unwinding through exercise and enjoying video games in my free time.


Speed Testing Real-World

Utilize Python to:

  • Arrays and linked lists, hash tables and associative arrays, sorting and selection, priority queues, sorted sequences, trees, graph representation, graph traversal, and graph algorithms are covered.

Stock Tracking Application

Use object-oriented techniques to develop a stock tracking application by:

  • Processing the historical stock data, profit/loss reports can be generated.
  • Data storage will allow users to save and retrieve stock data.
  • The system will use the Python libraries to create charts.

Description of Project 2.

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You can reach me at pierremliron@gmail.com